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We are glad that you are considering midwifery care. Your dedication to exploring all your options will enable you to have the safest and most rewarding birth possible. 

We offer many services:

  • Preconception counseling
  • Prenatal Care
  • Laboratory Services
  • Exercise and Nutrition Counseling for Pregnancy
  • Home Birth
  • In Hospital Support during Birth
  • Postpartum Care
  • Newborn exams
  • Birth Certificate filing and Newborn Screening tests
  • Breastfeeding Support and Counseling           

Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care is offered, typically once a month until the last trimester, then biweekly and weekly depending on risk factors and maternal request. Most prenatal visits will take place in the office, but special arrangements and situations can arise, and home visits are a possibility. One home visit prior to delivery, usually at 36 weeks, is routine.  

As licensed midwives we will provide a detailed informed consent document at your first prenatal visit. A consulting relationship with a physician or nurse midwife with hospital privileges will be available if risk factors develop.  Depending on the parents’ preference and the physician’s needs, mothers may alternate appointments between us or in many cases, see the doctor occasionally and get prenatal care primarily with your midwives.

During a routine prenatal visit we will discuss any questions, concerns, and feeling about the mothers changing body and the upcoming birth.  We will also perform a urinalysis and check weight, blood pressure, pulse, fundal height, fetal heart rate, fetal position and other physical changes associated with pregnancy. An obstetrical and medical history will be taken and discussed.  

We schedule each prenatal appointment for one hour to allow time to get to know one another, and discuss the pregnancy and birth.  Questions are welcome and discussion of your hopes and desires for your birth experience.  The more parents know and understand, the better able they will be at making the best decision for their birth.

At the home visit, we will go over the supplies that will be needed for the birth and the birthing space. We will ask that the supplies be arranged prior to that visit so that we can become familiar with the organization and preparations for the birth.

Labor and Delivery
Unless something special has been arranged, we are always available (24 hours a day, seven days a week) from 37 weeks gestation until delivery.  In the rare case of a family emergency or serious illness that would make it impossible for Jane to attend a birth, we will do everything possible to make sure the birth would be attended by another midwife with similar training and expertise.   During the periods of time that we do not have anyone due (37 weeks or more gestation), we will be off call.  In this instance, we will always leave the phone number of another midwife to answer any pressing questions, emergency calls, or help in understanding any unusual complications that may arise.

We want to be notified as soon as any signs of labor begin or if any abnormal changes occur. We will come to the home and monitor labor when it is deemed appropriate.  We will remain present during labor to check all vital signs and evaluate the baby through fetal heart tones and position. Cervical changes will be monitored as needed.

It is our goal to honor all aspects of a birth plan. If complications do arise, we will explain how that will change the options.  If the complication is of an urgent nature, we will notify the nearest medical facility and initiate transport. An emergency transport plan will be discussed with you at your initial visit. If a transport to the hospital becomes necessary, we will remain with the parents to do our best at providing as many of the aspects of the birth plan as possible.

After birth, a complete newborn exam will be done. Eye prophylaxis and vitamin K are available.  We will provide help in establishing breastfeeding.  The mother can shower or we will do a sponge bath in bed. The mother will also receive a complete postpartum evaluation. All birth laundry will be put to soak in cold water or washed. We will stay between three and four hours or until the mother and infant are stable.

The Postpartum Period
We do three exams in the seven to ten days following the birth. The first is done 24-36 hours after the birth, and it includes a complete newborn exam and a maternal assessment.  The following visits are to assess jaundice levels, assist with any breastfeeding problems, assess newborn weight and well being, and answer any questions.  The second visit usually happens at about three days.  The Newborn Screening Test is available and recommended during this visit.  For more information about newborn screening in Wisconsin, please visit:

The third visit occurs when your baby is about one week old. We will weigh your baby at this visit.  If your baby has not returned to birth weight, another weight check will be scheduled.  If you would like further weight checks, or a six week appointment, they can be scheduled at the office.