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Korina Pubanz
I grew up hearing about the births of my siblings that were born at home. I also heard about my own birth and the birth of my youngest sister at the hospital. I heard about the kind of care my mother received from a midwife and the kind of care she received in the hospital from a family practice physician. Though my perspective of each of these stories have changed over time, the images and expressions of equally great care in both places are what have endured.

Pregnant for the first time, I sought the guidance of a midwife for information about pathways for a healthy pregnancy and care that matched my needs. During that pregnancy, I really listened to women's birth stories-what they needed, what they received, how they felt, how they moved through pregnancy, birth and those first weeks of motherhood. I learned the most from the women around me, preparing for my own journey. With the birth of my daughter in the hospital, I was empowered as a mother and found that I wanted to know more. I also found that other women wanted me to help them with questions they had about their pregnancies or breastfeeding. I had many wanting me to be with them for their births. I began to study nursing.

In May of 2004, I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bellin College of Nursing in Green Bay. During nursing school, to no surprise, I found that I was drawn toward topics involving family health, community and public health, and women’s studies. It was during a Maternal Child Health course that I learned the word Doula. I felt as though some parts of life had come full circle, and while in nursing school pursued formal doula training with Doulas Of North America (DONA) and completed my certification in 2006.

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The midwifery model of care has guided my current practice as both a Doula and Labor and Delivery Nurse. In 2005, my son was born at home into the loving hands of our very own Jane Peterson and Christie Reynolds with my family around me. The culmination of these experiences has provided a steady path encouraging me again to know more. I have begun a study in Midwifery. Through the North American Registry of Midwives, I have begun pursuing the CPM credential. In 2009, I joined the In The Beginning practice as an apprentice and assistant. I deeply respect being able to learn from leaders in midwifery care like Jane and Christie and look forward to learning so much more from them and from all of you.