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Note from the Peter & Jennifer

Dear Jane and Christie,

Well, I just thought I’d take a few minutes to see how you two have been. Hopefully your lives haven’t been overly hectic lately. You two are out there, fighting for the empowerment of women and babies, each day, by embracing empowered births! Your work is so important – the effects of the births you two attend can be the catalyst many women need to make the journey back from America’s birth machine to trusting our own bodies, births and intuition. I know this is true – I am one of the stories. Your legacy has extended further into my family than you will ever know. Words cannot completely express our gratitude to both of you for your practice of home birth midwifery.

I think of you often and speak often of you to others, as well. Just two days ago was the 3rd birthday of our first homebirth baby Peter Jr. Please know, both of you, that how close you are to your clients, hearts, bodies, and souls – that the time, energy and soul you give us does have such immeasurable worth!! Keep up attending home births, and you will keep changing women’s (and families and babies) lives forever!

Forever friends,
Peter & Jennifer & family

Note from the Cindy & Dave

Dear Jane,

Thank you does not even begin to express the gratitude Dave and I feel in our hearts, for you. You have given us a gift that few could have. You, with the utmost of grace, respect and compassion guided us through the most powerful experience of our lives. We always felt protected in your loving and capable hands. And because of your presence in our lives, we now have a mom that has discovered a power within herself she was not sure was there and a father who has found the love in his heart expand to places previously unknown. Most importantly you have given us the chance to give life to our daughter in a way that gave her the best start possible!

With a tender and open heart,
Cindy & Dave & girls