Coming Into the World

by Cliff & Melissa Heiser…

Spring of 2008 my husband and I decided that we wanted to try to have our first baby. After much research I came across In The Beginning. We met Jane that summer. We had an awesome meeting, where she explained their services, answered all of our questions and gave us advice on the optimal time to get pregnant.

I wanted to look for a midwife after I had attended my cousin’s birth and was outraged at how no one listened to her or attended her needs. People tried to rush her through her stages of labor and then her doctor never even attended her delivery. I was shocked when my cousin said that it was the best delivery she had out of her three kids. I was bound and determined to truly have a happy pregnancy and a satisfying birthing experience. I felt that if I was relaxed and happy, I would have a better pregnancy and our baby would get a better start in life.

We contacted Jane again when we had a positive pregnant test and started with our monthly “visits”. We always walked in happy and feeling comfortable enough to ask ANY questions that we had knowing there would be time and attention paid to our thoughts and ideas. We were delighted to meet Christie and Korina, who both would attend the birth. All through our pregnancy we felt more informed than other couples we knew and never once did I fear “the big day”.

These midwives truly listened and respected the wishes of my husband and me. They knew exactly the kind of birth that we were hoping for. I wasn’t “stuck” in a hospital bed and I was relaxed at home having fun with a few friends and family. We felt content knowing that we had excellent care, and we were prepared for that glorious moment. Not once was I ordered what to do or what not to do. I was given freedom and choices with the midwives there to guide us if needed, never interfering nor intruding.

My husband was with me the entire time. My water broke around 11 pm. The midwives prepared our whirlpool tub so that I could have the home water birth I had wanted. I loved being in the water. I got out a couple of times and always wanted to be back in the water. It felt as if my muscles weighed less and I don’t believe I felt nearly as exhausted, as I would have if I weren’t in the water. Squatting and standing for contractions felt much more natural. I laid down for one contraction and told myself that I would never do that again! Our beautiful, healthy daughter, Giana Sophia, was born at 2:58 am after 15 minutes of pushing.

The midwives respected our decisions, had obviously studied our birth plan and were a joy to work with through the entire process. My mother and my mother-in-law had a great experience being there for their first at-home birth and said if they knew of the option when they had us, they would’ve happily done the same thing.

I wanted our daughter to come into this world completely natural, without any drugs in her system, without the pressure of a c-section, and being born into her home. We truly feel that it was all possible because of Jane, Christie and Korina. We hope to have the honor of having them involved each and every time that we bring a new member into our family!

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