The Birth Story of Xavian Robert Nusz

by Chamomile Nusz…

Xavian threatened an early arrival. Five weeks before his due date I slipped on some stairs, not a big fall just a bump, but enough to start labor the next afternoon. Contractions were regular and Tree (Jane) came over to see what she thought. I was in good spirits because I was tired of being pregnant and was excited to meet my new little man. In talking to Tree we realized that five weeks was too early and if we could get the contractions stopped, we should. We tried an herbal tincture, which was safe and is often effective. After a couple hours the contractions were still very regular and Tree sadly suggested we head to the hospital, I was still in good spirits knowing that everything would work out. At the hospital we had a great experience with the staff and our doctor. Contractions were monitored and medication was administered and by the middle of the night contractions were stopped. We were sent home the next morning with the advice to take it easy and not to lift our first child Miles, who was 18 months and 28 lbs. Tree came with more advice and I was put on bed rest for the next two weeks, getting me to 37 weeks so I could have the baby at home.

Bed rest, what can I say. My husband, Ben, thought I should be having the time of my life, but not leaving the couch did not suit me. Our wonderful community came together and food was delivered every night as well as people to help watch Miles, mainly my mom, Marguerite, and my second mom, Maggie. When bed rest was finally over I thought the baby would come right away. It was the weekend and Ben had gotten tickets to see a dance performance in Appleton, contractions started that afternoon and were consistent through the show and dinner. As we headed home they slowed down and stopped completely during the night. I proceeded to carry the baby to term! I was getting calls and emails regularly wondering if I had had the baby and just not told anyone, but no, to my dismay he just wanted to stay put until 40 weeks.

I woke up on a Saturday morning and was feeling energetic. I took Miles out to run errands around town and he was in a mood. I decided to head to work helping my mom clean our Bed and Breakfast getting it ready for guests that night. As I vacuumed I started having stronger contractions that made me have to stop and sit. After about an hour I decided to head home, not telling my mom why. I did not want to get my, or her, hopes up with so many false alarms over the past three weeks. I was getting excited and had a few strong contractions during the drive. I started cleaning the kitchen and had to stop frequently to breath through the contractions. Ben told me to sit down and I said no, people would be here soon and I needed to get the house clean. He then realized I was in labor and was there for me in every way for the rest of the evening. I called my mom and she was over quickly. We decided to make truffles to pass the time during the first stage; I was not a lot of help, as the contractions were getting stronger fairly fast. Tree was next to arrive and gave her expert advice on the truffles, as it was our first time.

It was so different then the first time, I stood through most of the contractions, where the first time I wanted to sit. I spent some time in the bath and it was very relaxing and felt great, the first time I wanted to get right out. I was very aware of everything going on and participated in conversation in between each contraction where the first time I was completely introverted not aware of my surroundings at all. After the bath I moved into the bedroom to have Tree check on my progress, I was at 7 and my water was bulging. After checking my water broke and the contractions were very very strong. Tree checked again and gave me the go to push. The first time I had a hard time figuring out where to push to and how to push, this time it was 3 pushes and he was out! After the second push his head was out and I could feel that Tree was working hard at something, with her pulling the third push brought him. Later she said after his head came his body did a complete rotation, I am so so glad she was there with her expertise to get him out no problem. I am sure someone less experienced and calm would have dealt with the situation much differently.

After the birth we celebrated. I was surrounded by people who love me and it felt just amazing. I could not have asked for a better first or second birth. Tree and Christie are so genuine and knowledgeable. Ben and I feel so so lucky that we live in a place where we have access to midwives, and not just any midwives, the best midwives in the world! Our family is now whole, and in the process we had one of the most amazing, wonderful experiences of our lives.

Thank you; we cannot express how grateful we are to both of you!

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