Peck’s Birth Story

by The Biesack Family

We found out we were pregnant with our first child in March 2019.  During the pregnancy, a lot of big things happened. We moved our lives from the east coast to the midwest. We left behind long time friends and family to start a business and a family of our own here in Stevens Point. These were some major changes! 

Once we arrived, we knew that here, in our house, we would finish the pregnancy and give birth to a boy (who we would call, Peck). Through regular meetings and guidance with the midwives at In The Beginning, all worry and concern seemed to dissipate. From the beginning, ITB let us carve our own path towards birth.

Peck chose to make his arrival just as we were tucking into bed one night. It was two weeks before we expected him, so we weren’t sure this was even the moment of delivery. We thought it was another one of the many sensations the body goes through during pregnancy. After hours of delayed contractions throughout the night, Peck got more serious at dawn.

When we told the midwives the contractions were increasing, they (Christie and Laura) all set into motion and headed towards our house. Upon arrival, they took their shoes off and joined the party, bringing a serenity to our small house. The natural simplicity of the total experience allowed for us both to connect to its dramatic beauty. Obviously, the differences between each of our experiences was profound. And yet, throughout it all (the contractions, the labor, the delivery) it felt like something we were sharing. With the midwives following Lenora’s lead, everything that happened felt right and true. 

In our own home, in Peck’s new bedroom, we were able to connect fully to every aspect of bringing Peck into the world. And after a swift delivery, we three got to lay on the bed together for the first time. We listened to the sounds of the neighborhood out the windows while the midwives cleaned up and made us some toast (one of Lenora’s favorite foods).

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